Do you have back pain that is limiting you from doing what you love?

Are you tired of dealing with back pain but want to avoid surgery?

Do you feel like you've tried everything, including PT, chiropractic care, or massage?

Are you ready to have your headspace back, understand what is causing your pain, and feel like YOU are in the drivers seat of this??

The Back to Freedom Program Offers HOPE for active men and women, who may have been told they have....

Disc Bulge

Disc Herniation

Degenerative Disc Disease





This Program Includes:

  • Thorough intake and movement screen

  • 1:1 virtual or in-person coaching with a physical therapist and integrative spine care specialist to help you:

    • Understand your pain

    • Have tools for self-management and pain relief

    • Guidance and support to get stronger and move better

  • Online modules and programming for you to access content at your own pace

  • Lifestyle modification suggestions

  • BONUS add-ons: your choice of massage, acupuncture, or home exercise equipment

  • Optional add-ons: pelvic floor physical therapy care

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